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SQ 29 Tower
  SQ 29 Tower/ Trump Tower is the largest commercial building in Bahria Town Karachi. The tower is full of commercial offices with good management. The primary purpose of this project is to provide a commercial building with large spaced and comfortable offices—the trump tower of Bahria town.


The project is located on Main Jinnah Avenue Plot no.29. Bharia trump tower is at the perfect location for growing your business. The building is near enough to access the Highway.


The Trump Tower's interior is high-tech and modern. The commercial building has safety fire alarms and emergency alarms in the case and fighting systems. The building has electricity backup with a contemporary feel—perfect garbage chute and collection for a clean and hygienic working space.


The building is breathtaking and luxurious, with 11 typical floors covering the 4250SQ—FT area. The building has high security 24/7. The capsule lifts provide a beautiful panoramic view to enjoy.


There are three offices space in the tower. The three offices are spacy enough to have many workspaces. The building can take up to 3 offices easily. The first two offices are about 1190SQ—FT, enough to have eight workspaces for employees and two extra rooms. The environment and the view are perfect for the employees to relax and fresh to work. The third office is 2380SQ.FT can fit 12 employees' workspace and four extra rooms for conference and other needs. The extra room of all the offices is spacy enough to fit your business partners and have successful meetings and conferences.

Business growth

The SQ 29 Tower is a commercial building that provides all the facility required for your business or projects to grow and reach the height of the sales that you desire. All the facilities to start your commercial project or create your own business with offices to hire employees and make your business go sky high. The building also provides spectacular advertising services, from billboard banners to a digital screening your projects and hiring vacancies. This building is top-notch services and facilities to enhance your business and corporate image as a well-known business. The building provides just the image you want to make your business known and grow.

Zuberi Builders deals

Zuberi builders is willing to provide the best deals you can ever find and get the best payment plans. The tower is all one facility of everything you need to establish a successful business or projects. The comfortable space areas on every floor with exact arrangements and setting. The prices are reasonable and best enough to establish your business. The Zuberi Builders have the professionals to construct the building and get higher sales through spell binding advertisements and promotions. Launching a business and buying a place to start your business is not easy, it needs the perfect location, facilities, payments plans and enough popularity for everyone to recognize you and choose you.

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