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Sq. Family Mall & Residencia
Family malls and residence is a place that must be beautiful, comfortable, and secure at the same time because it is meant for families. These locations need to be in perfect locations and perfectly constructed. Sq. Family Mall and Residencia is the project, the location that secures all these points. Sq. Family Mall and Residencia have been located on Plot no 22, Theme Park Commercial Bharia Town Karachi. It is a beautiful project with a 6 story podium and a retail mall on the lowest ground floor for families to access and fill their needs in their residence. The tower consists of 3 towers of condominium units above it. The mall and residence are located at the best location where the families can access schools, hospitals, and other essential establishments. The families can have an easy living in style and luxury.

Payment plans

Sq. Family Mall & Residencia payment plans have different levels of luxury and comfort with reasonable prices for everyone to enjoy. Diamond plan: The Diamond plan consists of lavishing 4-bedroom apartment and an open wide car parking. The 4-bedroom apartment is big enough for four family members or more to live easily and is comfortable due to its large space area of 3250 SQ.FT. The costs are reasonable. Platinum Plan: The platinum plan is also a 4-bedroom apartment that is 2323.99 SQ. FT large, quite enough to move around easily. The apartment also consists of car parking. The apartment is very beautiful and luxurious. The platinum plan is at a very reasonable cost. Gold plan: The gold plan is a 3-bedroom apartment with about 1655.51 SQ. FT wide enough for a family to live comfortably. The Gold plan apartment is also very luxurious and comfortable but with the space area smaller than the platinum and diamond apartments. Car parking is also added to it. Gold plan apartment is slightly cheaper than the platinum and diamond plans. Silver plan: The silver plan is also a 3-bedroom apartment with about 1620.21 SQ. FT wide. The apartment is comfortable enough for a small family of 3 to four members to live. The apartment includes a wide car parking. The silver plan costs reasonable enough according to its benefits. Bronze plan: The bronze plan is also a 3-bedroom apartment with 1406.82 SQ. FT area. The area is wide enough to have a big and wide lounge and spacy rooms to easily fit the family members. The apartment is benefitted from car parking. The Bronze plan is slightly cheaper than the silver plan and is reasonable enough. Executive plan: Executive plan is a 2- bedroom apartment is 1005.43 SQ. FT wide enough. The apartment is large and spacy for a two or three-member family to live comfortably. This apartment is also luxurious. The apartment is also accompanied by car parking. Supreme plan: The supreme plan is a 2-bedroom apartment also that is about 998.00 SQ. FT wide and comfortable for a two-member family. The apartment is accompanied by a parking lot. The apartment is beautiful and royal. The Supreme plan apartment is very cheap among them and is just as luxurious. Super plan: Super plan apartment is a one-bedroom apartment with about 624.40 SQ. FT wide. This apartment is big enough even for two people to live comfortably and enjoy their stays. The apartment is very luxurious and big to easily move around.   Sq. Family Mall and Residencia is the perfect location for families to enjoy their timely stays when they come for a few days or vacations or even live there. The apartment is full of resources and is at the best location near school, a hospital, and a Mall right beneath it.

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