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Things to look at before renting a house | Things to consider before renting

Buying or renting a house is not something trivial , it is a very important step. It is about the place where we are going to live , either temporarily or for life. A place that we will make our home. So we will have to be attentive in the visits we make to find the home in which we are going to find ourselves as comfortable as possible and that, therefore, covers or adapts to our needs . Before you rent a house, you should take into account the following factors: 1) Location - find a place that is close to your work and family 2) The size of the house - if you have kids or pets, make sure the house has enough room for them 3) The neighborhood - look for a place that has parks and other amenities nearby 4) The price of the house - make sure it is within your budget and check for renovations Rent a house If you are one of those who prefer to rent before buying, it is very important that you know the following: ● Make sure 100% that the person who rents you the house is the owner or a person with the power to do so , since the contracts are private and there is no obligation of supervision by a notary. So you must be careful and know with whom you are going to sign the rental contract. ● You must check that everything is in order and there is nothing damaged or deteriorated, in which case you have the right to request its repair or replacement. Taking later surprises, in addition to being a bad drink, can become a headache to show that it was wrong before. ● Another very important thing is to know if you can make changes , because there may be something you don't like or it doesn't suit you and you want to make a small reform. In that case, you will have to make the relevant proposal to the owner, who will have the right to accept or reject it. Obviously, if it is something capital for the person who is going to move in, it is much better to say it before entering , so that, if the owner refuses, that house is discarded and the search continues. ● You will have to make sure that the supplies are registered , and if not, the owner can take care of it, although the law does not oblige him. ● It is convenient that you also ask about the bills , about what is the average amount that is paid in winter and in summer for electricity and gas . Because the house may not be well acclimatized and there are problems, which would mean an overspend. ● It is also necessary to be clear from the beginning of the amount of rent that must be paid each month , and that this appears correctly in the contract

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