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Things to look at before Buying a house | Be critical to your home search

Purchasing a new house requires a lot of effort and considerations. It requires careful consideration and research. There are two factors to consider when renting: location and lifestyle. Location is key because you want to find an area that has good schools, easy access to public transportation, and other amenities that make living there easier. Lifestyle is more about what type of activities you enjoy doing with your family and friends. If you like playing sports or going on hikes with your friends, then maybe renting would be a better option than buying because it can be hard to get out of the house Buy a home If in your case you are going to buy better than rent, we also want to mention very important aspects that you should know: ● You have to know what the maintenance costs of the home are, to avoid surprises and know if your budget is in line with them . ● Of course, we should not forget that sometimes the letter you pay for the mortgage is less than the monthly rent . For this reason and because you can get 100% financing thanks to real estate agents such as place, it will be even cheaper to buy. ● Regarding the IBI (real estate tax) it is important that you know that the year in which you buy the house the owner will be in charge of paying it , but later you will have to pay it yourself and you should know how much it is . ● Another expense that is convenient to know is the amount that you must pay in the community of neighbors , since it is also a significant amount. ● The most important thing of all is to know if the house is free of charges . You should check if there is any mortgage left to pay, if you have any attachment order or any unpaid community fee. To know this you can go to the property registry and request a simple informative note . ● You have to certify who sells the house . To do this, the simple informative note from the property registry will give you this information. It will be very useful to avoid scams. Due to this, we always recommend you carry out this process with an agency that gives you that guarantee. ● And last but not least, be very clear about your rights and all the costs . Apart from making the deposit contract, which is the money you pay in advance for the apartment you are going to buy, in this contract you must pay attention to: the penalties in case of non-compliance, the causes of return and the conditions of the purchase

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