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How to Sell a House at the Best Price? | Sell your house for the most money

If you don't know how, selling a house can become an arduous task that can absorb a large part of your time and, despite this, not give the expected results. If your idea of selling a house is to hang up the For Sale sign and sit back and wait, at Zuberi Builders, we want to help you by giving you specific essential tips to sell your home without losing your mind in the attempt. We tell you about the advantages of carrying out the sales process with us, avoiding the high fixed commissions of traditional real estate agencies. Choose the company with which you want to sell it. First of all, you must decide which company you want to accompany you throughout the process, and for this reason, we give you the main points that you must look at to make a good decision on this first point. At the offset, we are clear that offering a comprehensive service in which our entire team is involved is key to optimally achieving the objective. Our extensive knowledge of the market, our knowledge of marketing, all legal issues, the most competitive prices, and knowing how to get the most out of your property make us an ideal alternative, avoiding the high commissions of traditional real estate agents. , your real estate online without commissions and success. Set the price If you are interested in selling an apartment or a house, it is essential to set a reasonable and fair starting price. To do this, you must be in line with the prices of homes that are similar by area and characteristics and subsequently evaluate the individual state of the home itself, which is not always easy and requires a professional to do it correctly. Have the documentation up to date ● Title deed or deed of sale ● identity documentation ● Simple note ● Real Estate Tax (IBI) ● Certificate ● Mortgage: Certificate of pending debt and Registration Cancellation ● Energy efficiency certificate In displacement, we have experts who manage certificates of habitability and energy certificates so that you have all the complete documentation on the day of the sale. Depending on the Autonomous Community, these documents may also be required: ● The certificate of occupancy ● Statutes of the Community of owners Take care of the imperfections of the house. Getting the most out of your home is vital to give a good image of it. The same home can cause different impressions depending on its condition, beyond possible large or small reforms, and its decoration, cleanliness, and order. Do small renovations In this same sense, you must improve those minor defects that can hinder the sale of the property. At displacement, we can also help you in this regard, since with our renovation service we will leave your house looking like new for the new buyer

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