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Why Do People Prefer to Buy Readyto-Move-In Flats? | Is it good to live in flats?
There has been an increase in demand for ready-to-move flats in recent years. According to a survey, 40% of homebuyers in 2022 prefer ready-to-move-in homes. People were eager for under-construction homes just two years ago when the economy was booming. For a variety of reasons, this decision was made. However, with the outbreak of the epidemic, homebuyers' preferences have shifted quickly. What Is a Ready to Move in Flat? A ready-to-move-in flat can be moved right after purchase. It also means that all permissions and documentation for a certain property have been completed. This makes the paperwork for the sale and loan processing considerably easier in the end. People choose ready-to-move-in apartments above many other subsidy packages. Furthermore, in light of the pandemic and previous experience with under-construction residences, buyers are looking for a faster solution. Have you ever wondered why fully finished house projects have become such a popular choice among homebuyers? Take a look at these advantages of a ready-to-move-in apartment. No Ambiguity One of the main reasons purchasers prefer a ready-to-move-in home is because they get exactly what they see. You can do a thorough inspection of a property before purchasing it. Since the house is ready for occupancy, there has been no change from the photos to reality. You have the opportunity to inspect and evaluate elements such as room size, apartment view, connectivity, available amenities, and the surrounding area. You will be able to make an informed purchase decision as a result of this. No worry about project delay The most significant risk you eliminate with ready-to-move-in flats is project postponement. When it comes to housing projects, builders frequently set a deadline for completion. However, project delays can slow down the process of moving into the house, and cost overruns might result in financial losses. Instant Availability Flats that are ready to move in can be occupied right away. There is no time limit on when you can take ownership of your property. You can move in right away after making the payment and signing the relevant documents. Return on Investment You can rent the property if you are not ready to move in right away. One of the many benefits of ready-to-move-in homes is that you may use the rental revenue to cover unexpected bills. If you have a home loan, you can use the rent money to pay off the EMIs. Cost benefits On ready-to-move-in properties, there is no GST to pay. This results in savings on the purchased property. Furthermore, the GST rate for under-construction houses without a completion certificate is 5% without ITC and 12% with ITC

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