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Advantages and disadvantages of buying a house in an abandoned town | Pos and Crons of buying new house
If you want to get away from the noise of the city and start a new life, you may have thought about moving to a town or a rural area with your family. But if you are looking for really cheap houses that can be a good investment opportunity, you have another alternative that you may not have considered yet: buy a house in an abandoned town. A business opportunity and an alternative to repopulate rural areas Buying houses in abandoned towns or uninhabited villages has advantages but also some drawbacks. The most important of them is that normally, and despite its privileged location, these towns are practically isolated and far from other towns . In fact, many times they hardly have access and roads in good condition, and even lack basic service supply networks such as water, electricity or telephone. Despite this, the houses in some abandoned towns, even when they are in ruins, have become a alternative for those who wish to invest or promote a tourism project or one related to the environment. The opportunity is well worth it: some of these houses, also abandoned, are sold for a symbolic price, sometimes just hundreds or tens of euros. Normally, when the sale is made for an almost zero amount, it is a promotion that aims to attract new residents to the area , so the owner must commit, first, to restore the house and, second, to live in it. In this sense, the idea of living in rural areas can be very attractive and bucolic, especially because of the possibility of enjoying a quality of life that is unthinkable in larger urban centers. But not everything are advantages. Therefore, before buying a house in an abandoned town, you have to ask yourself a series of questions, including the list of private goods that make up the property. Buying a house in an abandoned town: buyer profile Who is considering buying a house in an abandoned town, or even an entire abandoned town? What is the profile of this type of investor? According to data from 2019, and the foreign buyer seems to be the most interested in this type of real estate offer , although national investments have increased by almost 30% in the last ten years. In the first case, they are withdrawing, generally from the European Union(especially English, Belgian and French) who choose this option as an investment to spend their last years retired in our country. In the second case, the profiles of buyers of houses in national abandoned towns are varied , although we highlight three: ● Liberal professionals whom new technologies have allowed to untie "the ties" that kept them united to the city for strictly labor reasons (architects, journalists, publicists, web developers, etc.), and who currently only need to travel to the urban areas in a timely manner . ● Entrepreneurs who want to start up businesses related to hospitality and tourism such as rural houses, guides or outdoor sports activities, hostels, etc. ● People who, looking for a new job opportunity or a change of life , have decided to return to the land of their ancestors and settle permanently in rural areas running small businesses, normally within the agricultural sector (livestock farms, production of craft products, production and sale of BIO fruit and vegetables, etc.).

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