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Is it possible to buy an abandoned town? | Ghost town
In many cases, real estate investment goes beyond buying one or several houses in abandoned towns, and you can even buy an entire town or village. The cost of the operation, in this case, can be very high, although the greatest economic effort is related to rehabilitation and works or licenses to achieve basic infrastructure. In the first place, and from a strictly legal point of view, a person cannot buy an entire town and become its «owner», although he can acquire all the real estate that forms part of an abandoned urban nucleus with the exception of public ( streets, squares, church, town hall, etc.), which will continue to belong to the corresponding municipality or archbishopric. Regarding the purchase, there are real estate agencies specialized in this type of operation , something that serves to solve and prevent claims from possible heirs. This option is also a good alternative for those who want to buy an abandoned town in order to , after a while, sell some houses in the place to other investors . Real estate agencies currently receive offers from companies or developers who acquired towns or villages some time ago but who, for various reasons, were unable to get their projects off the ground and now want to sell. If you are considering buying an abandoned town, in addition to the investment and the procedures for the operation, it is also essential to assess whether the municipality has elements of artistic or cultural heritage , since it can increase the value of the property or require restoration and maintenance. Tips before buying a house in an abandoned town Our advice as professionals is that, before buying a house in an abandoned town or an entire village, consult the list of all the private goods that make up the site or property and that are for sale in the cadastre. It is also a good idea to request information from the authorities to which the house or town belongs on the supply of basic services and on all the procedures related to its registration and cancellation, as well as on the purchase and maintenance costs (including taxes). ). In this way, you will be able to evaluate the costs of your investment from the first moment. Finally, and as with any other real estate investment, it is important that you carefully analyze all the information obtained and that you value the pros and cons of the acquisition. Then, you will only have to take one last step: get the financing to make your dream of buying a house in an abandoned town come true.

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