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Find out what the keys are for a home appraisal | Keys for property appraisal
The importance of the minimum value to write a property and how it was not advisable to vary it unless you want to face a fine for non-payment of taxes, among other consequences. And it is that it is necessary to know how to appraise a home in its fair measure, neither more nor less. For this reason, we are going to detail in this article all the keys for the appraisal of a home.

What is an appraisal of your property?

The first thing is to define the appraisal, since one thing is what you think it is worth and another is the real value. Therefore, it must be done by an official figure, that is, an appraiser technician who will give us an idea to establish the value of our real estate so that we can proceed with its sale without losing money. In addition, there are also more reasons to go to an appraiser and that is that in case we need to resort to a bank loan, that is, a mortgage, we must have the value of the home established in writing since it is required by law. As for the real estate that must be taken into account when evaluating to obtain a mortgage, they are the following:
  • Purchase options, administrative concessions for housing permits and concessions, purchase options, etc.
  • Any kind of real estate. That is, from homes, land, local and commercial buildings, buildings of all kinds, etc.

Most important keys for a home appraisal

On the other hand, we indicate who can do the appraisal of a property and this is none other than an expert appraiser who must be an architect or technical architect with specific training and belonging to one of the appraisal companies mentioned above.

Next, we tell you the most important parameters to carry out a correct appraisal:

  • Actual size of the house. To calculate the value of a house or flat, the price per square meter is usually used since this figure is one of the most important parameters when calculating the appraisal of a home. In fact, the relationship between useful and built meters is usually taken into account.
  • State of property. A new building or flat is not the same as another 50 years old. The older it is, the less appraised value it has. This aspect is really important since not only the number of years influences it, but there are also other factors such as the state of conservation, both of the interior, as well as the facade and the exterior. If you have good exterior elements such as terraces, windows, balconies, walls, etc.
  • Quality and materials used. The structure of a house says a lot about the people who live in it as well as the builders who built it. For this reason, the appraisers look at aspects such as the quality of the materials both inside and outside. A clear example is that if the house has anti-damp materials and the building does not, it can have a higher average rating than the rest of the floors in the same building. In addition, the distribution of the rooms, as well as the quality and facilities of the rooms are also aspects valued of the utmost importance by the appraiser.

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