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Zuberi Builders is a property brokerage and advisory firm specializing in residential,and investment real estate. We are a professional team of licensed agents deeply rooted in the community and actively involved with our client's real estate needs. Our goal is to provide exceptional service for our clients to deliver the level of excellence they deserve. We are fully committed to working hard for you so that you can continue to focus on your life.

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Property Management

If you are thinking of buying or renting your own property, finding a good property management company can help you survive and thrive in the real estate market. Hiring a property manager is an important decision that you shouldn't take lightly.

Capital Improvement

Capital improvements are investments made to increase your property's value, quality, or performance. Capital improvements can also include the installation of new technologies, such as solar panels, a new security system, or a new heating/cooling system.

Financial Reporting

We help you to manage the financial reporting process. Our services are customized to meet your specific needs and requirements. We have a team of experienced professionals who are well versed with the latest developments in accounting, finance, and management information systems.

Business Development

We help develop a company's business, especially in terms of sales, production, and market expansion. Business development services refer to an organization's services to help clients grow their business.

Finance Real Estate

Every time you move into a new apartment, you need to find someone to care for the finances. We are here for that. We are an experienced team of professionals in the real estate market. We specialize in finding apartments for our clients, negotiating with landlords, and taking care of everything after you move in.

Recover Asset Value

We help you to manage assets and increase your revenue. Solve the most complex problems of your business with our strategic and tactical approach to asset recovery. We can manage your entire portfolio of assets, from acquisition to liquidation.


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